Dear Coaches/Managers,

On behalf of JSSL Singapore and our Guest of Honor, England International and Manchester United Double Winner Paul Parker, we would like to invite you to submit your team entries to participate in the 5th edition of the JSSL Singapore International Soccer 7’s 2017. This year there will be 10 Age Groups: - 7 Boys and 3 Girls.

There will be 4 venues this year with semi finals and finals being played at the Padang, in the heart of Singapore's Vibrant City Center.

Games will be 7-aside with a maximum of 12 players registered per team. All teams will play a minimum of 7 games during the 3 day tournament with teams playing at least 1 game every hour. Following positive reviews and feedback gathered from the 2016 edition, we have not only extended the number of days from 2 to 3 days, which is over the 2017 long Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May, but have also extended the length of games to 22mins for all Group Stage games and 26 mins for all Knock Out games.

At the JSSL International 7’s we can assure you that not only will your players and teams have a fantastic soccer experience but that your traveling parents, families and supporters will also be looked after and enjoy themselves.

For next years JSSL International 7’s, we will be increasing the number of teams to 240 across the 7 boys categories and 3 girls categories. Singapore based teams must look to enter a minimum of 4 age groups.

Teams will be selected based on ability and merit as we look to ensure a high competitive standard for the JSSL International 7’s. Overseas clubs that are able to enter teams in all age groups will be given preference.

Team registration will be immediate this year and will close once all 240 team slots have been taken up.

BOYS AGE GROUPS – 16 Teams Per Age Group

B9’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2008

B10’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2007

B11’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2006

B12’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2005

B13’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2004

B14’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2003

B16’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2001


GIRLS AGE GROUPS – 8 Teams Per Age Group

Group 12’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2005

Group 14’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2003

Group 16’s : Players must be born after Jan 1st 2001

Please Note: max 12 players per team, players can only play in 1 age group.

Fees - S$800 per team per age group & includes: team area + fans, water, event t-shirt and medals)


Please send in your Team Entry Request as soon as possible. Allocation of spots will be based on merit.

Please fill out all your information. For address, please use the team's address.

If you are applying with more than one team, you will get the chance to add more teams after you enter the information for the first team.

For the telephone number, please include the international dialling code.



Harvey Davis        &       Paul Parker

Managing Director & Guest of Honor